We are just like you. We live in a world where violence happens swiftly and all too often. We are committed to our own personal safety and the safety of our loved ones. If we can help you to prevent one violent attack from occurring, or help one individual learn the skills to get home safely to their loved ones after a violent encounter - then we have succeeded in our endeavor. We want you to be safe, feel safe, and be able to protect the ones that you love.

We have spent countless hours studying, training and testing solutions to the common safety problems that exist in today’s world and want to share our skills with you. 


We have learned through trial and error that there are many myths, misinterpretations, and outright fantasies regarding personal protection. Those discoveries have no place in our curriculum because they simply either do not work, or are not an efficient means to the desired outcome of survivability.

There is no single punch, kick or magical bullet that will work 100% of the time. We believe that the mind is the most powerful weapon when it comes to self-protection. Based on this philosophy, the majority of our curriculum focuses on mindset and how to analyze the problem. We then train you to develop the best solutions for your circumstances and survival.

Our focus on knowledge before strength helps set us apart from many traditional schools of self protection. Additionally, we teach skills - not theory. Both our instructors and the material that is being presented to you have been tried and proven effective in actual conflicts at home and abroad.


BATTLE ZONE NOLA teaches self-protection skills to individuals from all walks of life. From beginner to expert and all places in between, we strive to provide quality self protection training in a safe, comfortable, fun and friendly environment.


Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds in law enforcement, military special operations, emergency medicine, criminal psychiatry, close security, firearms training, and martial arts. All of the instructors presenting material to you are experienced in the skill sets they are teaching and have collectively used those very skills in a multitude of crisis situations.

BATTLE ZONE NOLA is a personal protection initiative that focuses on real world solutions to real world problems.