• All Participants must complete a Battle Zone NOLA safety waiver prior to engaging in any activity.

• Battle Zone NOLA provides a fun, friendly environment. Participants who are insulting, rude or generally disagreeable towards others will be removed from the facility.

• We are a family friendly facility. Please refrain from using profanity while visiting our facility.

• Participants are not allowed to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics (including over the counter medications that may affect motor skills or mental function).

• All Participants must have current identification and allow Battle Zone NOLA to obtain a copy of your identification.

• Participants under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

• All Participants engaging in activities must wear closed-toe shoes that are adequate for the activity being presented. For force on force events, closed-toe athletic shoes, hiking boots, or military style footwear is permitted. For all other events (with the exception of classroom and lecture activities), comfortable closed toe athletic style footwear is permitted. For your safety, sandals, high heels, high heeled boots, or any open toe style footwear is not permitted in the Battle Arena.

• All Participants engaging in force on force events must wear the required personal protective equipment provided by Battle Zone NOLA at all times during the event. Any Participant who violates this requirement will be removed from the event and will forfeit all monies and or fees paid to Battle Zone NOLA for the event.

• Any Participant who does not follow the instructions as detailed in the safety briefing prior to the chosen activity will be removed from the event and will forfeit all monies and or fees paid to Battle Zone NOLA for the activity.

• Any participant who engages others in our facility in an unsafe manner will be removed from the event and will forfeit all monies and or fees paid to Battle Zone NOLA for the activity.

• Battle Zone NOLA reserves the right to refuse entry or service to anyone at any time.

• No outside food or drinks are permitted unless agreed upon in advance with Battle Zone NOLA.

• No outside weapons of any kind are permitted (including training style inert weapons).

Force on Force scenarios rely on non-lethal training aids in order to provide the stress, adrenaline, danger, and positive hit identification, that cannot be replicated through any other means than an actual gunfight.

Battle Zone NOLA uses the same simulated training weapons and ammunition that is utilized by America’s elite law enforcement and military units for ultra-realistic force on force training. 

Our simulated weapons and ammunition allow us to safely experience “real life scenarios” against other armed attackers.

The simulated weapons are designed so they cannot accept real or “live” ammunition. We exclusively use simulator man marker round conversion kits from UTM, who have engineered their products with operator safety being their number one focus.

We inspect and test all our dedicated simulated conversions that we use prior to training to ensure that there is no possibility of any live ammunition firing through our converted sim guns. 

Outside weapons or ammunition of any kind are strictly prohibited from our facility. All participants will be scanned and searched for prohibited items prior to arena entry.

Simply put, if you cannot take it on an airplane, you cannot take it into our facility.

Your safety is paramount at Battle Zone NOLA, and we guarantee you are provided with a safe, reliable and fun adrenaline pumping gunfight experience.